The Good Earth
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The Good Earth

I love how even though the main character of The Good Earth, Wang Lung, isn’t the most likable guy, I still wanted him to win.
Mykella PalmerMykella PalmerHost
About the Book

The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about a Chinese family’s rags to riches journey. The quest starts when Wang Lung, a hardworking peasant farmer who prizes “the land” above all else, gets lucky in marriage. He marries O-Lan, a survivor of slavery. She devotes her considerable ambition, resilience, and ingenuity to Wang Lung’s passion for the land. Together they prosper, though their fortunes rise and fall as famine, war, and betrayal threaten their partnership. This is a universally appealing story about marriage and family and the age-old struggle to survive from the fruit of the land.

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